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Are you a sports company or organisation looking for insights into how other similar enterprises have developed their online presence?

Digital Horizons 2012 are running a series of 6 seminars in the South East (Brighton and Windsor) using a case study approach and looking at:

  • why sports and cultural enterprises in the South East have adopted sophisticated online strategies
  • how they have sourced online media expertise
  • the relationship between the enterprise and its media supplier
  • what audience, stakeholder and/or commercial return has resulted from that online investment.
Each seminar features a sports or cultural enterprise and an in-house team or external digital media company that is working with it to implement its online strategy. The series is designed for ‘non-techies’ in sports or cultural enterprise who have an interest in, or a remit for, marketing or website development, and for media companies wishing to extend their current client base online and/or into the sports or culture sector.

For more information please visit http://www.southeastmedianetwork.co.uk/digitalhorizons/seminars.pdf