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As you’ve probably heard – the new This Girl Can campaign launches this Friday. Sport England have conducted more research, developed new insights, taken new pictures and made a new film.

The new film will be on TV from Friday, and will also be shared on their website and social media channels.

This campaign will develop fantastic brand awareness, and will make millions of women think about physical activity in a different light, and want to get more active.

However – in order to convert that awareness and intention into participation you have to take advantage of the campaign locally. So here is a three step plan you can put into place over the next few weeks in order to make the most of this opportunity.

1. Run your own promotion on social media

You can start by sharing the This Girl Can images and messages with your existing social media audience, but if you want to get really good results you should boost your promotion using Facebook Ads. Using this approach you can reach tens of thousands of new people.

Facebook Ads are the most effective marketing technique in your toolbox. The reason Facebook Ads are amazing is because you can target people in what ever age, gender and area you want to reach, and they are very cost-effective.

You can choose to show different ads to women and girls of different age groups, with different images and different messages for each of those ads. You can also choose to target women and girls in deprived wards.

2. Provide a way for the women to register their interest

You’ve probably noticed that if you run promotion that drives people directly to the activity or to your website then only a small percentage end up getting active.

Sport England found that this is because the biggest barrier to getting active is a fear of judgement and lack of confidence. Women are unsure about taking part in activity, they are concerned about being judged, they aren’t sure what’s available that’s appropriate for them, and they need reassurance and support. So with our promotion we need to make it easy for people to register their interest in getting active, without them making a big committment. This could be by emailing you, commenting under the Facebook post or registering on a campaign landing page. The most effective of these is a landing page.

You can see an example of a landing page designed for exactly this type of campaign at www.getactivechichester.com/elaine. Hundreds of women in Chichester signed up via this page in just a few months. You’ll see that this page asks women to give their contact details, postcode, activity type, day and time they’re free.

Because this first step is small and manageable this approach is very effective at getting inactive women to register their interest, not just the same old people who are active already.

3. Help those women who register to get active

These women who’ve registered need linking with one of your excellent activities. This is time consuming, and isn’t the most exciting of jobs, but it’s incredibly effective at getting inactive people to come along to an activity. If you use this approach then most of those women who register will become active. In Buckinghamshire this has led to over 500 people getting more active in the past 8 months.

p.s. If that all sounds great, but you don’t have capacity or expertise in house to run it then book a call with John to discuss how Make Sport Fun can help. We can run a campaign for you for under £5k which will engage hundreds of inactive women in your activities.

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Facebook Ad webinar

If you’re interested in learning more about how to use Facebook Ads to engage inactive people from hard-to-reach groups then you can sign up for our free webinar. In it we’ll cover these steps in more detail and give you a step-by-step guide to setting your ads up.