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Despite all the fantastic new social media tools (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.), email marketing is still arguably the most effective digital marketing method available. It’s also cheaper than direct mail, more targeted than advertising and more measurable than PR. In fact email marketing is all round great.

However it’s not always used as well as it could be for marketing sport. Some sports and activity groups do use email to promote themselves, but they just send it from their normal email account. This is great, but misses out on the ability to easily measure results and therefore to improve your results.

Some of the reasons that people don’t use email for their marketing are

  • it can be too complicated
  • it can be expensive to create an attractive email marketing template
  • they don’t have the time to handle all the unsubscribes, bounces, etc. that come with email marketing
  • they don’t have the time or patience to test their emails in all the different email clients (Outlook, gmail, hotmail, etc.)

Here comes Sportmailer

Today we’re launching Sportmailer. Sportmailer is a really, really simple email marketing tool to help sports organisations to use email marketing.


How can it help?

It allows you to:

  • Create your email quickly and easily using an attractive branded email
  • Preview the email as you build it
  • Send immediately or schedule for later
  • Send it to all your subscribers
  • Easily add new subscribers and remove old ones
  • Import or export a subscriber list from almost any source
  • Embed a subscribe form in your own site

What does it cost?

There are no setup, monthly or annual fees – you just pay for what you use.

The cost is £5/ campaign and 1p per recipient. So if you’re sending to 500 people then it will cost £5 + 500 x 1p = £10. For full details of costs please see Sportmailer’s prices page.

If you want to test it out sign up for free today

Sportmailer is completely free to join and test for yourself. You will only pay if and when you start using the service to send to more than 5 recipients.

Find out more or sign up today.