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A report based on tens of thousands of children’s views found that fun and freedom are what children say about play.

Areas which encourage them to socialise are crucial elements in good play provision. Opportunities to engage in active outdoor play were the strongest and most consistent messages from the youngsters. The popularity of parks and open spaces was partly dependent on the activities and equipment they contain, but for most of the children being outside in a natural space is important in its own right.

However, barriers to play continue to exist. The most commonly identified single barrier to children enjoying play
was physical distance. For disabled children in particular,
accessibility problems can stop them going out and having fun with
their friends and peers. Other barriers include road traffic, bullying, peer-racism, stranger danger, and negative adult attitudes towards them socialising, for example, by erecting ‘no ball games’ signs.

The report was prepared by the Children’s Commissioner for England and Play England. See the original article here on Play England’s site.

Download Fun and Freedom: What children say about play in a sample of play strategy consultations