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Lets_get_movingActivity marketing took a big step forward this week. Every club, facility or group in the activity search tool now appears on www.nhs.uk/letsgetmoving and will appear on change4life.com in a few days.

nhs.uk gets 10 million visits a month, and the search tool on nhs.uk/letsgetmoving is being promoted by GPs and health professionals as THE place to find where to get active.

change4life.com also has a huge amount of traffic thanks to their 75 million campaign budget. If you want your local clubs, facilities and groups to be found on these websites then you have 2 options:

1. Send us your data. This sis appropriate for councils or CSPAPs who hold their data in a database. If you send us a csv version of your database we will convert it to our format and upload it. This is only available for databases of 200 entries and larger.

2. Add data directly to the activity search tool at www.searchforsport.co.uk/cms. You will need to register as a user first, which you can do at http://www.formstack.com/forms/?941546-HVWzRLtF3F .

N. B. at the moment this option is only available to people from government organisations (e.g. CSPAPs, councils, PCTs). We will be adding an option for clubs and facilities to update their data themselves, but it’s not available yet – sorry for this, but we need to put some extra checks and validations in place first. Once an administrator from government has been added they can add local users themselves, but we can’t add local users centrally yet.

We provide a refresh of data to nhs.uk/letsgetmoving and change4life.com once a month, so any data you add to the activity search tool will take up to 5 weeks to appear on those websites.