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Today Sport England set out its plans for future investment in six key sports – basketball, tennis, swimming, table tennis, squash and fencing.

The plans illustrate a new, tougher approach to ensuring that millions of people across the country who play sport, and the volunteers who support them, get the maximum impact from Sport England’s investments.

Taking a new ‘mixed economy’ approach to delivery of basketball, Sport England is increasing the overall investment earmarked for this sport, committing an additional £2.3 million between 2013 and 2017. This is in recognition of its wide appeal to young people and its ethnically diverse participation base. However, Sport England is not confident in England Basketball’s ability to increase the numbers of people playing the sport, so has reduced its investment into the national governing body (NGB). At the same time it will invest in other providers including the British Basketball League Foundation and Reach and Teach in a bid to strengthen the marketplace and support alternative ways to get more people playing basketball.

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