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In 2009 there was a London-wide activity marketing campaign called Go London focussed on the over 50s. NHS Greenwich wanted to make the most of this opportunity to get as many over 50s active as possible.

The SPAH (the Sport, Physical Activity and Health group – their local CSPAN) had analysed the Sport England segmentation and had identified their priority over-50 segments as being Brenda, Terry and Elsie & Arnold.

They decided to run an activity marketing campaign for people aged 50+ in Greenwich – with a focus on Brenda, Terry and Elsie & Arnold. They had the following objectives:

  • Build database of people who want to get active
  • Deliver behaviour change materials to people who want to get active
  • Connect people with local activity providers
  • Build a database of at least 10 taster sessions/ month that people could access for free
  • Give information about these taster sessions to the database of people who wanted to get active

They hired us to run this campaign. We ran it using the 4 stages of an effective activity marketing campaign – Know, Like, Try and Repeat.

We recently held a conference call for Make Sport Fun clients and contacts in which we explained how we ran this campaign, why it was so successful and what we learnt from it. You can now access the recording of that call for free at www.makesportfun.com/resources/go-london-greenwich/.