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Using promotingactivity.com to plan and implement your marketing is a great way to save yourself time, money and frustration. It’s based on the latest research into why people do or don’t do activity, and it provides you with the tools to access that research.

The Brent Sports Development Team has launched four sport programmes for young women with funding from Play Sport London and the London Development Agency). After Pro-Active West London attended our promotingactivity.com workshop they helped Brent use the strategic planning tool on promotingactivity.com to identify the ‘Leanne’ demographic as its target market – females aged 18 to 25, often with children, who have little time to exercise.

The team wanted to come up with a range of activities that would suit Leannes. Two of these are fairly typical – aerobics and badminton – but by offering girls’ football and hip-hop skipping, the team is also offering something a little bit new; the football is aimed at teaching girls the basics of the game and includes a link-up with a local ladies league, whilst the skipping teaches basic skipping-dance moves accompanied by hip-hop beats.

Using the marketing communication plans they identified that Leannes tend to be enrolled on full or part-time courses. So all the activities are being offered at the College of North-West London (CNWL) to allow for direct access to a large number of females in this category. CNWL also offers advice and support for students with childcare issues, so makes the sessions more accessible for young mothers who may not have been participating in sport and physical activity for this reason.

It is hoped that the sessions will lead to the creation of clubs that will provide ongoing participation opportunities, with Brent Sports Development Team providing constant support for the students, so that they can work towards leading each activity themselves and ensure the sustainability of the project.

“We started the badminton and football programmes earlier on in the year and they are still running, although we’ve tweaked things a bit to make sure they appeal to as many people as possible,” reports Marc Andrews, Further Education Sports Coordinator at CNWL. “The aerobics is set to take place soon, as is the skipping – we have already held a Sport Relief skipping event that was very well attended, so we’re hopeful of a great turn-out for this one!”

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