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Active Bucks is a project run by the Bucks County Council public health team, aimed at increasing activity participation for all, but particularly amongst inactive people and those not meeting CMO guidelines.

The public health team at Bucks County Council recently asked for our assistance in achieving their overall objectives for the project. We conducted an analysis of the segmentation, reviewed the budget and timescales and identified that this would be a realistic objective:

  • 10,000 people registering
  • 2,000 people more active three months after registering
  • 2,500 people more active six months after registering
  • 2,500 people more active twelve months after registering

We also want to fill the new activity groups that are being commissioned by the Active Bucks project.

We started by building a database of 2000 activities across Bucks who would accept our activity voucher and give the person their first session free.

At the same time, we built an activity voucher site where people can find their ideal activity and download their free activity voucher.

We are driving traffic to the site through internet ads – Google, Facebook etc. The council communication team is also encouraging registration through existing email newsletters, PR and the council website.

After someone registers, they receive an automated email asking them to provide their current activity levels. These go out again after one, three, six, nine and twelve months. Newsletters and promotional emails are also sent at regular intervals to help keep people motivated.

Everything is tracked through a Customer Relationship Management system. If at any point participants have dropped out of activity, we make contact to help them find something else they like.

Facebook Ad webinar

If you’re interested in learning more about how to use Facebook Ads to engage inactive people from hard-to-reach groups then you can sign up for our free webinar. In it we’ll cover these steps in more detail and give you a step-by-step guide to setting your ads up.