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SportEX health sportEX health is a quarterly magazine targeted at individuals working in the promotion of physical activity for health.

sportEX health is particularly appropriate for:

  • Physical activity health promotion specialists working in PCTs and local authorities
  • Sports development officers
  • Medical professionals including GPs and practice nurses
  • Clinical exercise specialists working with special populations
  • Teachers working to increase physical activity participation
  • Individuals working in workplace settings

I’ve also put in some information direct from the horse’s mouth below, explaining what is included in the magazine.

Article sections include:

  • FUNDING, MONITORING & EVALUATION – A regular feature in each issue based around funding applications, data collection, monitoring and evaluation to maximise funding success, making the business case for physical activity including identifying resources to support applications as well as ways of communicating this information effectively.
  • COLLABORATION, COMMUNICATION & COMMUNITY – We have always featured case studies however these will become more focused on giving practical whys and hows and will now provide contact details of project leads so you are able to follow up these contacts where relevant. The case studies will also highlight projects which have sought to develop cross disciplinary and partnership working to show how this approach can help all partners involved meet their own specific objectives and in many cases increase their funding opportunities. This section will also profile inspirational case studies where PA has been shown to provide a positive effect in areas such as social regeneration, learning, employment etc.
  • POLICY DIGESTS & KEY RESEARCH SUMMARIES – We will continue to provide our popular digests and analyses of policy documents, identifying key areas of importance and significance as well as providing practitioner-focused ideas and suggestions on how you may make use of the report to be more effective in your work. We will also continue to provide our highly popular roundup of key research from the clinical journals across the world.
  • PHYSICAL ACTIVITY IN SPECIAL POPULATIONS – This is has been one of our most popular and enduring sections in sportEX health. Each issue features an article on a medical condition or special population detailing the benefits of PA in both the prevention as well as the treatment of a medical condition, provides an overview of the most recent evidence supporting this, and gives condition specific indications for contraindications of exercise in this group. Every article is accompanied by one of our widely respected advice leaflets which can be photocopied and given to members of the public.
  • ADMINISTRATION TEMPLATES – Where appropriate we will work with practitioners to provide templates that you can modify for your own use. This might include letters, spreadsheets, professionally reproduced graphs or tables that can be incorporated into presentations, funding applications, or letters and as from July, every single patient leaflet we have ever produced, in high resolution printable format will be available on the internet to those with additional online access).
  • CAREER PATHWAYS & TRAINING – Each issue will include the profile of an individual working in physical activity health promotion designed to offer inspiration and ideas on where your job could take you. We have also introduced a new section on training in GP referral including reviews of courses.
  • CROSS INDUSTRY COLLABORATION – Each issue will contain articles on each of the following sectors of: workplace, young people (particularly but not exclusively around schools) and primary care. In some cases the issues facing each sector may be similar, in others not, but the articles will be designed with two goals in mind a) to show how each sector is tackling its own particular challenges with a view to offering ideas on how both the successes and failures may provide guidance for your own projects b) to identify opportunities for, and encourage collaboration.
  • ROUNDUP OF EVENTS AND SIGNPOSTING OF RESOURCES – We will continue to include regular roundups from the key organisations involved in supporting your work, identifying new and ongoing projects and initiatives and signposting resources. These include relevant initiatives from government departments such as DH, DfT, DCMS, DFES as well as updates from NICE, BHF National Centre for Physical Activity, Sport England and the Youth Sport Trust along with many of the other charities and voluntary organisations involved in physical activity promotion projects.