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The response to our free “Top 10 ways to increase participation seminar” has been great. We’ve run 6 full seminars already, and have got another 2 booked up. And we’ve had really good feedback from everyone who’s come (you can see a few of the testimonials at the bottom of this page – https://www.makesportfun.com/about-us/testimonials/).

However quite a few people have told me that they’re not able to travel to London for a 2-hour seminar. So to help those people access the content we’re now making the seminar available online. You can access it as 7 individual lessons – each about 5-15 minutes long. If you sign up then you’ll receive one of these a day for 7 days.

To learn more or sign up go to www.howtoincreaseparticipation.com. Please feel free to email this link to any of your colleagues or networks too.