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why According to Active People statistics 6.93 million people do enough activity to benefit their health. However 22 million people would like to do sport more often.

There’s a disconnect here. 15 million people want to do more sport but don’t. So why don’t they? According to the research that we’ve been doing with the Futures Company one major reason is because everything else in their life is more fun. They’d love to do it, but they don’t want to give up the time they spend with their families, their friends, going out to shows – it’s all too much fun.

How can we make sport more fun? How can we inspire people? How can we help people to enjoy sport more? We know it can be fun, so how do we communicate that?

It’s exactly these questions that Social Marketing was invented to answer. And that’s why everything that we do and everything in www.promotingactivity.com is based on Social Marketing principles.