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Every week I read about two dozen marketing blogs, a marketing book
and a few research reports, I listen to 3 podcasts. I have google alerts set up for various sports marketing terms. I watch webinars on various topics and I also subscribe to a plethora of email newsletters.

My goal is to make sense of it all, pick out the useful parts and then to provide tips and tools to help people who are trying to market their sport better. It’s a daunting task. I hope it’s helpful!

To give you a “feel” for what I’m trying to get at, these are just a few of the headlines that have shown up in my inbox recently:

  • Aging Men reduce Health risks through physical activity
  • Creating Community Change to Improve Youth Development
  • Definitive Guide to Google Adwords
  • Does getting a dog increase recreational walking
  • fun and freedom – what children say about play
  • Music in Sport and Exercise
  • Physically Active Smokers More Likely to Kick the Habit
  • Single risk factor interventions to promote physical activity among patients with chronic diseases
  • What Girls think about physical exercise
  • Working with Schools to Increase Physical Activity among Children and Adolescents
  • Word of mouse – viral marketing online

In case you’re wondering what conclusion I’ve been drawing from these you might be unsurprised to know that effective sports marketing is all about making sport fun, easy and popular. Who knew?