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Schport screenshot Recently, I’ve been keeping my eye on a new London based online sports organisation tool called Schport. It is a free online service that helps team managers organise their squad, training and matches. The service aims to take the hassle out of organising team sports, so everyone (including the organisers) can focus on what really counts – playing!

The service has a bundle of really useful features that are very easy to use. So, anyone who organizes a sports team will now be able to have a single hub from where they can manage their squad and organise all their team’s activity. The Schport tour summarises all the major features.

I can see this being useful not only as a tool to recommend to clubs, but also as a tool for helping Sports Development Officers to organise sport.

I’ve met with Adam from the Schport team, and he’s really keen to make sure that they’re making changes based on user feedback. In fact I understand that they’re adding new improvements on a regular basis.

I’ve also been informed that teams using Schport will be benefiting from some really exciting promotions in the near future. The Schport team are being very secretive about this at the moment, but they let slip that one idea is to offer the opportunity for a team to have a professional recorded highlights package of a game of their choice. All sounds very exciting…