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Football-175-LNow that the PCTs are moving over to public health teams at the council, do you need to prove the value of sport to a whole new set of managers?

Do you wish that someone had been clever enough to collect together a huge amount of research to support the claim that sport delivers a huge range of benefits.

Do you wish that research covered topics such as:

  • Crime reduction and community safety
  • Economic impact and the regeneration of local communities
  • Education and lifelong learning
  • Physical fitness and health
  • Psychological health and wellbeing
  • Social capacity and cohesion

Well. Fancy that. Sport England only went ahead and did it! Clever old them.

The Value of Sport Monitor is a joint Sport England and UK Sport initiative working in conjunction with Professor Fred Coalter and colleagues at the University of Stirling. It provides an online monitoring service of the most up-to-date reference sources and critical reviews of published research evidence on the contribution of sport to a range of broader social issues.

I think this is just one more example of the fantastic work the Sport England research team are doing.