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I ran some tests recently using Google Adwords (if you don’t know about Adwords then here’s a short video explaining how it works). I was running some effective marketing workshops for the Inclusive Fitness Initiative, and used it as a good opportunity to find out what is most effective when marketing to disabled people.

I’m a big fan of testing. I’d much rather spend days testing two ideas than 10 minutes arguing about them. At least at the end of the two days you know something.

The results were quite striking:

disabled adwords test results

So more than twice as many people clicked on the bottom advert than on the top one. This is a huge difference between two adverts with the same main text. And 1.64% is a good quality click through rate for Google Ads (normal is between 0.5% and 1.5%

This is hardly the definitive result into how to market to disabled people. But it is a great piece of information for us to build on in the future.