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planning tool 2 We’ve had a couple of bugs in the planning tool around passwords. We’ve fixed a couple of these, and can let you know how others work.

Forgotten password

If you’ve forgotten your password for the planning tool then you can now get a new one emailed to you. Just click on the forgot password link on the logging in page.

Setting password up

Many people (including myself) have had trouble setting up a password in the first place. This is because our wonderfully security conscious system requires you to have a full stop, or some other kind of punctuation, in your password.

For example you could have herbert.34 as a password, but you couldn’t use herbert34 because it’s not got any punctuation in it.

I recognise that with all the passwords we all have online it’s hard to remember everything, but it’s not possible for us to remove this requirement.

Changing password

When you’re logged in you are also able to edit your password. You might think of a password which is easier for you to remember for instance. There is now a link when you’re logged in which allows you to do this.