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planning_tool_2 The new interactive planning tool is now launched! You can access it at www.promotingactivity.com and then click on Strategic Planning.

I’ve been running workshops for the past two weeks with people using this tool. And the feedback has been fantastic. Lots of people are really excited about how much data they’re now able to access. This tool allows you to visualise the Sport England market segmentation down to a really small area.

You can see:

  • Where the different segments live
  • Where physical activity levels are likely to be lowest, or highest
  • Where interest in a particular sport will be high

It takes about 10 minutes playing around to get used to how the tool works, and then it’s simple to create any map you want for any area you want. To help with that we’ve recorded a short video of how it works which you can see below.

You can watch the embedded video below or go to http://www.screencast.com/t/MTJiMjY2Z