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We will shortly be releasing a new, improved version of the planning tool on www.promotingactivity.com. The existing planning tool has already allowed people to target their marketing and interventions effectively and precisely without needing a big budget or a GIS team.

The new planning tool will continue to allow people to target their work using the fantastic Sport England segmentation. However it will also cover more sports and activities, which helps people working on anything other than the top 10 sports (which is what the existing version shows).

It will also load faster, allowing you to more quickly find the information you need and get out.

Last, but definitely not least, it will cover all of England rather than just London. This means that this powerful planning ability can be used by thousands more people.

For a 4-minute video of how the new planning tool will look watch the embedded video below or go to http://www.screencast.com/t/MTJiMjY2Z

Keep watching www.makesportfun.com/blog for updates on when this tool is going live.