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Communication plans 2 I’ve said it before – and I imagine I’ll say it again – Sport England’s segmentation work is fantastically useful for understanding your audience, what they want, why they want it, when they want it, how to tell them about it.

When I was working at Sport England I wrote a series of communication plans for the 19 segments. Since then I have spent months researching, updating and improving them. They now include the most up-to-date research, and have been expanded to include BME groups, disabled people and to include teenagers and the Department of Health family clusters. You can find the new versions at http://www.promotingactivitytoolkit.com/Communicationsplans/tabid/154/Default.aspx.

These new communications plans explain:

  • what % of the segment do lots of sport already
  • what % would like to do more sport
  • the ethnic breakdown of the group
  • which sports they like
  • why they do sport
  • why they don’t do sport
  • what would encourage them to do more
  • what would get them to walk more
  • How they make decisions
  • what tone of voice to use in your marketing
  • what communications channels to use
  • what brands to emulate when speaking to this group

Everything you need to create your marketing for this group.

Hope that helps!