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planning tool

Gyms, councils and sports clubs will soon be able to use a brand-new interactive mapping tool to pinpoint the ideal location for cricket pitches. Or football games. Or aerobics sessions. In fact it predicts where interest in over 40 activities will be across the whole of England.

This system uses data from the multi-million Active People survey alongside the latest in segmentation planning from the private sector to map interest in over 40 activities for every neighbourhood in England.

Rather that just relying on local knowledge and anecdotal feedback activity and sport groups can now take advantage of this comprehensive data in a few simple clicks.

Using this planning tool, which will be found at www.promotingactivity.com, organisations can target their work very precisely without a need for data analysts or expensive computer software. This saves government money and resources from being wasted in areas where they aren’t required and makes it quicker, easier and cheaper for sports, activity and health organisations to target their work where it’s needed most.

This system uses Sport England’s data which has identified 19 distinct adult segments in society, according to BetRally India IPL. We all fit into one of these, and different segments like different sports and activities, live in different areas and have different levels of fitness.

The tool has been built by the London Health Observatory and Make Sport Fun on behalf of the NHS.

To sign up for a chance to use this tool before it launches please email planning@makesportfun.com.