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This is something you might have heard me talk about before. It’s taken me two years, but it’s finally done! It’s a search box anybody can put on any website and it allows any member of the public to search for any sport or activity. It’s dastardly simple, and that’s what makes it so powerful.

Try it using the above box.

It only works for London so far, the rest of England is coming in the New Year. It searches hundreds of websites, finds thousands of clubs and facilities and displays them on a little map. If you can’t use the above box then go to http://www.promotingactivitytoolkit.com/Home/tabid/123/Default.aspx.

To put this search box on your own website just enter this line of code into your site, or email it to your webmaster. <iframe height=”75″ width=”470″ scrolling=”no” src=”http://searchforsport.co.uk/”></iframe>

I’m sure there is lots more information out there, so if you have a
spreadsheet, database or website that’s got information we’re not
searching then just email the details to me – john@makesportfun.com.