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Our photo shoot is going great guns at the moment, and in the next couple of months you’ll have access to 1000 brand new photos. People have been great at providing us with contacts for good activity groups already.

We now need to find a tai-chi group in the North West of England who have a mix of ages taking part. We’ve already got photos of 30-something, white, middle class people doing Tai Chi, but we’re really looking for some older people, or non-white people or younger people taking part. If you know of any groups who fit that description in the North West of England then please email our photographer – Jon Parker Lee (office@jonparkerlee.com) or me (john@makesportfun.com).

Of course – if you run any other activity group in the North West, and you’d like us to come and run a photo shoot for you (free of charge) then get in touch as well.