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St Mary’s segmentation and marketing workshop

sport-st-marys-3015I ran a workshop for Badminton England in 2011, which the fabulous Tegan Pickles attended. When her current team at Sport St Mary’s had some budget left over she suggested to her colleagues that they invite me to run a marketing workshop for the team.

This was a full day workshop for the Sports Facilities Manager, Sports Officers, Sports Administrator and others. It covered:

  • Why segmentation is so important and how it’s used in the private sector
  • How to use the segmentation data from Sport England and our own tools to choose, map and understand your audience
  • The 6 stages of an effective activity marketing campaign
  • What marketing messages will work for promoting activity to your target audience
  • How to choose the best marketing tactics for reaching your audience and how to use those marketing tactics
  • How best to stay in touch and follow up with your current participants
  • 10 case studies of how this has all worked in practice

At the end of the workshop we emailed everyone the information and included a pdf copy of the Make Sport Fun book.

The workshop got great feedback, with 9.4 out of 10 on average from participants.

“The high score is indicative of the quality of the workshop you delivered! It has really provided us with several options and all of which we will explore. Thank you for your time, it was incredibly useful.”

Tish Jayanetti, Sports Facilities Manager, Sport St Mary’s

To learn more about our options for marketing workshops and how they can help you and your team to improve your marketing please see our marketing training pages or contact me on john@makesportfun.com or 07776 103 785.