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Facebook ads are incredibly powerful, but they aren’t magic. Many people using Facebook ads have unrealistic expectations that ads will or should always work or that they should be easy.

While Facebook gives us all of the tools we need to be successful, there are several reasons why an ad may not work.

First, there are two critical issues that even the best Facebook ads can’t overcome:

  • Your offer isn’t right – if you have an offer that no one wants, Facebook ads won’t save you.
  • Your website is confusing –  you have a great offer, but you send people to a website to read your content or register that takes forever to load, isn’t mobile friendly, has broken pages, or is impossible to navigate.

Assuming you don’t have those issues, there are other reasons why you aren’t finding success with your Facebook ads:

  • You’re reaching the wrong people. This is something most people aren’t getting right.
  • You’re reaching the right people with the wrong message. The message is confusing, the call to action is not clear, the message doesn’t appeal to your target audience.
  • Your budgets are too high or low, it goes both ways. You can have a budget that is too high for an audience size. And the higher that budget is for smaller audiences, the faster you’re going to exhaust that audience. Additionally, you shouldn’t run with high budgets until you find something working, even if the audience size is consistent. Build in some testing time at a lower budget before scaling up. On the flip side, Facebook needs volume in order to optimise for a conversion. So if you are telling Facebook to optimise for conversions but your low budgets only allow you to get one conversion per day, Facebook doesn’t get a chance to get enough conversions to properly optimise.
  • You’re not testing and experimenting enough. You ran one campaign, one ad set, or one ad and you didn’t find success. Maybe you tried two or three times. Don’t give up. Keep trying, but don’t keep doing the same thing over and over. Experiment.

Facebook Ad webinar

If you’re interested in learning more about how to use Facebook Ads to engage inactive people from hard-to-reach groups then you can sign up for our free webinar. In it we’ll cover these steps in more detail and give you a step-by-step guide to setting your ads up.