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I’d like you to think about anything you’ve had on your mind over the last 24 hours. Anything at all, apart from sport and activity.

I’ll give you a few of mine to get you started:

  • the weather
  • holidays
  • money
  • my dog
  • what I’m having for dinner
  • moving house
  • work
  • shopping
  • eating
  • cleaning
  • buying thank you card for a friend
  • what pub to go to for Friday drinks with my wife

I’m sure you can think of your own long list.

And this is just the result of a couple of minutes writing. There’s a ton more for me, I’m sure there are for you, and there is for everyone else in the world too.

What this means is that we’ve got to make sure our message about sport and activity can cut through all of these other things that people are thinking about. On top of that people see about 3000 marketing messages per day. We’re competing with all these other marketing messages to get heard. It’s not an easy challenge.

Now. If you’ve ever had a day, a week or a year when you weren’t as active as you wanted to be, then think about what stopped you from being more active.

Spend about 30 seconds just thinking that through.

Here’s just a few of my own ideas:

  • Ankle injury
  • Friend’s birthday
  • Bad weather
  • Not sure what to do
  • Want to try something new, but not sure where to do it
  • Feeling lazy
  • Working late
  • No money for gym membership
  • Not getting results I wanted
  • No motivation

So what this means is that even once we’ve got someone’s attention, we’ve still got to help them to get past all of these barriers. That’s not easy. It’s really not.

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