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A review by Email Vision has shown that email campaign send time might not be as important as previously thought.

Time has long been held as an important consideration as to when to press the send button for your email campaign. There are many blogs and discussions about timing and when the right time to send is, should it be before 9am or at lunch time or…?

However the time of day may not be as critical to you as is often suggested. Let me illustrate with three real life examples.

  • In time of day testing for an online specialist travel company the time of day was found to be totally unimportant. Of note was there was a particular day of the week that gave a better response.
  • A deals type campaign showed no difference in response from late morning delivery to late afternoon. In this case sends early morning and early evening were not tested.
  • A news headlines email of a major newspaper normally sent by 8.30am was due to user error dispatched three hours later than normal. The open and click response from this late send was within the normal variance of this daily email.