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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the art and science of appearing high on Google rankings. We obviously want to appear high on Google in order to get more visitors to our websites. Stellar SEO will help you to achieve it.

This is important because there are lots of people searching for where to do sport, fitness or activity. As an example of how much of an impact ranking high in Google can have on your marketing let’s look at Aerobics.

165,000 people search for the term aerobics in the UK each month. 49,500 search for aerobics classes and 6,600 search for aerobics course. However if you go to Google and search for aerobics NW3 2QX then the nearest result which comes up is over 20 minutes walk away. I happen to know of 4 places offering aerobics within that distance which aren’t up there.

Google knows that NW3 2QX is a postcode, so they show results on a map which are near to that postcode.

So there are lots of people searching for aerobics (and various other activities which you might offer) on Google, but they’re not finding good results. Luckily it’s simple to add your listing to Google Places and show up when people are searching.

These are people who are already at the link stage of the 4 stages of activity marketing campaigns. They want to do activity, but they don’t know where to go. You know where they can go, but you’re not appearing top on Google, so they’re not finding you.

If you’ve got the right information on your website, then why can’t Google find you? As clever as the search engines are, they’re still only as good at reading as a young child. They need to be spoon fed some of the information.

To help you with this there’s an introduction to Search Engine Optimisation in the Make Sport Fun book, which you can buy for £9.90 from www.makesportfun.com/book.