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Everyday Swim
I had the chance to meet Nicola Polley from the Amateur Swimming Association at a sports marketing workshop recently. She told me all about the Everyday Swim DVD. I’ve watched it online and been very impressed by how many good lessons there are in there.

The Everyday Swim project has been a fantastic learning experience into how to get more people swimming. The 10-minute DVD they made was such a success that they’ve now put the video online. You can watch this, and access other resources at www.everydayswim.org. You’ll need to register first though.

Lessons featured on the DVD include:

• the most successful forms of marketing to get people into the pool
• how best to programme pool hours to maximise the use of the pool
• how to develop staff so they can best meet the needs of customers

Footage for the DVD was filmed at the Everyday Swim projects in the Wirral, Easington, Telford, Suffolk, Woking and Lewisham.

Olympic gold medallist Duncan Goodhew Goodhew, who is also the ASA’s Everyday Swim Ambassador, said: “This is a great resource that gives many real examples of the areas pool providers can work on to get more people active through swimming.”