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How can Google ads help you hit your targets?

Maybe it can’t. But if getting more relevant people to a page on your website will help you reach your goal then Google ads is the way forward.

I’m running 2 Google ad campaigns at the moment. One is for a Lithuanian online bag shop and the other is for my Kung Fu club. You might think that Kung Fu and handbags have nothing in common – but everything I‘ve learnt working on one has helped me improve results for the other. The principles hold true.

The goals are:

Build a database of Lithuanian women who are interested in buying bags online

Fujian White Crane Kung Fu
Build a database of men in London who are interested in Kung Fu but aren’t confident about just turning up to a class.

So what have I learnt?

  • It’s not very complicated
  • It works very well

Once I’ve run both campaigns I’ll write another post with the results and a guide to how you can use Google Adwords to hit your own goals. In the meantime it could be worth going and trying it out for yourself.