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I went to a fantastic seminar yesterday on Engaging New Audiences Through Social Media.It was run by Tourism South East, South East Media Network and SEEDA. It included a general training session from Ai Digital and a case study from UK Sailing Academy. To find out more about these particular series of seminars see here, to see more about other training in the South East see here.

This particular series of training sessions might only be useful to people who can easily get to the South East, however I think it goes to show how much training is available if you look for it.

I don’t know the details for other regions of England, but it seems that a good start is to look under

www.visit your region name england.com, e.g.

  • www.visitnortheastengland.com
  • www.visitsouthwestengland.com

And then you might be able to find a contact from there.