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Google search has gone universal and local is the new thing in town. To try it out go to Google Maps and enter your location and a sport or activity.

You’ll see a map showing the clubs, facilities and shops for that sport. Fantastic right? Makes it easy for people to find where to go to play sport.

However you’ll also notice that it doesn’t have all facilities, clubs or other places to play. The only information in Google Local is what people have uploaded to it, and most clubs and facilities won‘t have put their information on here.

As part of a pan-London campaign I‘m running I‘m doing something about that.

1.    Outsource the data entry and cleansing to a data entry company for £860
2.    Upload the database to Google.

So now people can see where they can play sport in your area. The next question is how can you then get people to this information?

You could promote Google Local and explain what to do. But that‘s not quite easy enough for my liking (remember the three keys to good sports marketing are making sport fun, easy and popular). So I built this simple search box.

Activity Search

Enter your activity and location
Powered by Make Sport Fun

This search box can be put onto any website. You are welcome to use it yourself if you like – the html code is right at the bottom of this post if you know how to use that kind of thing.

If you want more details on how you can do all of this in your area (hiring data entry company, uploading data to google, putting search box on website, . . . ) then just email me at john@makesportfun.com and I’ll put together a full guide on how to do it.


<font size=”4″>      Activity Search</font><form action=”https://maps.google.com/maps?q=nw6+2nr&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;ll=51.54452,-0.193892&amp;spn=0.011823,0.040169&amp;z=15&amp;iwloc=addr” method=”get”><input maxlength=”255″ size=”31″ name=”q”><input value=”Find me an activity” type=”submit”></form>
<p style=”color: rgb(0, 0, 102);”><font size=”2″><span style=”color: rgb(0, 0, 0);”>Enter your activity and location</span><br><font size=”1″>Powered by <a href=”https://www.makesportfun.com”><b>Make Sport Fun</b></a></font></font></p>