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Blogging for sport

Some bloggers would call what they do on a daily basis “sport.”  There is a commitment required to maintain a good blog that is similar to the commitment needed to become a top notch athlete or a responsible exerciser.  For blogging to be effective as a marketing tool for your sports club, you need to post a minimum of one quality posts a week.  Bloggers that make their living by maintaining blogs post multiple times a day, but for marketing purposes, once a week will do.

How Blogging Benefits Sports Groups

At its most basic level, blogging helps sports groups bring more traffic to their websites.  Sites with new content are crawled by the search engine spiders more frequently.  It is easier to update a blog than a static, basic website, so blogging a few times a week is an easy way to add new content and “get the attention” of the spiders.  Another way that blogging helps sports groups market their products is that blogging provides a great and informal platform to engage with your group members.  The rise of the “social media” including Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and more has shown that people love to talk about themselves and interact with each other online.  Sports Centres can harness this phenomenon to their benefit by becoming involved.

Blogging is less formal, more transparent and more “of the moment” than content on most websites.  Sports groups will therefore have lots of great material appropriate for blogs.  Blogs are terrific places to report sports scores, show YouTube videos of games, interview people, share pictures and more.  Group members can comment to the blog, creating more community.  For sports organizations with a membership that is fairly spread-out, blogs can be a way to connect and for people with different schedules to get to know each other.

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