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Some of these points are deliberately contradictory. There‘s more than one way to skin a cat.

  1. Don‘t panic
  2. Read the journalists columns before contacting them
  3. Give them something free – local journalists don‘t earn much and love freebies
  4. Become an expert in the journalist‘s eyes
  5. Say something interesting, clever, funny or different
  6. Have an opinion
  7. Ask the papers what they want
  8. Think local
  9. Do something eye-catching
  10. Attract high-profile supporters
  11. Get help – there are organisations out there that exist to help
  12. Be the source when you don‘t need any help
  13. Build a relationship with the journalist
  14. Read the journalists columns before contacting them – I‘m really serious about this. Journalists love people paying attention to what they write
  15. Run a charity event
  16. Don‘t forget journalists are people too
  17. Run a local campaign
  18. Use photos of local people doing something interesting
  19. Use the national news agenda
  20. Use the local news agenda
  21. Remember the journalists names
  22. Approach the journalist not the editor
  23. Approach the editor not the journalist
  24. Don‘t use a PR agency – go direct
  25. Use a PR agency to help with the work
  26. Do send press releases
  27. Don‘t just send a press release and expect to get results
  28. Offer the journalist a coaching session for free
  29. Be consistent

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