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Email course – How to reach inactive people

Take our free email course to learn how to engage inactive people.


What’s in the email course

This email course explains how to deal with the frustrations you’re facing with reaching inactive people. It covers:

  • Your frustrations, and why it’s hard to engage inactive people
  • A 2-step process that engages inactive people and why it works
  • How to engage your audience using the right messages, imagery and tactics
  • Different approaches that work for engaging
    • Women and girls
    • People from lower socio economic groups
    • Over 65s
    • People with long term health conditions
  • Supporting people to get active
  • Case studies

Who’s it for

This free email course is designed for people working in sports development, public health and CSPs, including those in a more senior position such as physical activity principal or senior sports development manager. It’s also appropriate for Heads of Leisure or CSP directors. 

Number of people who've taken our training courses

“Really useful training with lots of top tips on how to successfully engage with inactive people.”

Amanda Ford

Head of Sport & Physical Activity, Winchester City Council

“The training was great and has given me some new and different ways at looking at engaging people.”

Alex Varran

Sports Development Officer, St Albans Council