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Recently, we published our redesigned homepage, that we’ve been working on over the past few weeks. We’d looked at the statistics on Google Analytics and had found that the most popular parts of our website were the Services and the Our Work sections. However our homepage was focused on explaining who we were rather than explaining what services we offered and what work we’d done.

Our new homepage is now much more visual and it gives examples of our work. We’ve currently got 3 quotes up that highlight the three types of projects we do most often.

We think that’s made it easier for people visiting our site to see how we can get them great results through our services, and how we’ve done that for others before.

Our new homepage also loads faster as we’ve taken the form off the homepage. The form was there to allow people to sign up for our Free Introduction to Marketing Activity, and is still on other pages of the site, but it was slowing the homepage load time too much, so we’ve removed that now.