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I ran 3 marketing workshops for the Active Surrey sports club forums recently. They run these sports club forums to help sports clubs with whatever they need help with.

I’ve run various workshops for Active Surrey before, and their events are always fantastically run, so when Hannah Sprake got in touch I was very excited about helping out.

I developed a bespoke club marketing workshop to fit around what training they’ve run before. It included details on how to run marketing for free using Facebook, Twitter, Google, other search engines, partners and referrals.

We had lots of debate in the workshops, and great feedback from people who attended (first one 9/10, second one 9.1/10 and third one 8.1/10).

“Make Sport Fun delivered three great presentations at our club forums which attracted more people to attend then last year. One attendee commented, ‘I learnt more in the hour marketing session tonight than in numerous previous sport related forums’.”

Hannah Sprake, Sports Projects Officer, Active Surrey