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Lexi Fergus at NHS Greenwich was using Mailchimp for her email marketing and was getting frustrated with it. She decided to have a look at our email marketing tool and got in touch with me.

I explained that we’ve developed our email marketing tool to be much simpler to use than others so that there’s no learning curve for it. She decided to go ahead with making the switch. We then worked together to agree a brief on what she wanted her email marketing template to look like, what parts should be editable and what parts should be fixed.

Once that was agreed we created a first draft design. This was based on the existing design on their new website¬†and on their branding guidelines. We didn’t manage to hit the nail on the head with the first draft of the design, so we discussed what the problems were, made some changes, and kept doing that until Lexi was happy with the design. We then built the design, uploaded it to our email marketing tool and tested it in all major email systems (e.g. Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) to make sure it looked the same in all those systems. I then helped Lexi to link the correct email marketing lists in the email marketing tool with the sign up form on their website.

“Make Sport Fun listened to our needs and worked with us until we got it right!”

Alexia Fergus, NHS Greenwich

If you send an email newsletter or are thinking about it then get in touch to find out how our email marketing tool can make your life easier and your email newsletters more beautiful.