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Love2 logoI’ve talked about the Love2 programme before – because I think it’s a great programme which we can all learn from. They’ve also released an interim report for the 2010 programme.

Girls and women in London are on average 10% less likely than men to take part in sport and physical activity and although this gap narrows slightly as participation rates increase, there is still significant inequality across the majority of South London.

PRO-ACTIVE South London (P-ASL) are dedicated to raising awareness of this inequality and therefore encouraged all types of organizations with the ability to deliver sport and physical activity to women and girls to take part in the LOVE2

From 8th February to 14th February 2010 (in most cases) PRO-ACTIVE South London facilitated a women and girls sports and physical activity festival across South London branded LOVE2.

PRO-ACTIVE South London offered up to £500 of funding to deliverers of sport to hold an event aimed at women and girls during the LOVE2 week. These events were not just a ‘one off’ event but were a ‘taster’ linked to local, regular ongoing activities promoted to participants during this festival. This funding was provided from Playsport London via their Winter Programme.

The activities were based on at least one of the following themes:

  • Have a go- These activities were aimed at women and girls who currently do not take part in any sport or physical activity and for whatever reason have never really participated in sport or physical activity. These sessions provided this group with the opportunity to get involved and ‘have a go’.
  • Something different- These sessions were aimed at women and girls who may currently be taking part in some activity but want to try ‘something different’.
  • Play again- These activities were aimed at girls and women who have previously taken part in a particular sport or activity whether it be at school, college, club or otherwise. The purpose of these sessions was to reignite the old flame and get them participating again.

Download full report.