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Judith Scott from Freedom Leisure asked me to run two segmentation workshops for them recently.

I developed these based on our existing segmentation workshop, and tweaked each of them based on Freedom Leisure’s needs.

The first workshop was for the central marketing team, who were already very competent in marketing techniques and were aware of the importance and the uses of segmentation. So with this team I focussed on a wide variety of case studies and some advanced techniques around choosing which segments to focus on and what to offer them.

The second workshop was for people responsible for marketing at their leisure centres. For this group I made the workshop more focussed on understanding how to choose a target segment then how to use the marketing plans to help with practically writing headlines, choosing media and implementing marketing techniques.

Both  workshops got good feedback. The first received a score of 9.4 out of 10, and the second was not tracked using our system but got a very positive response.

“John delivered two excellent segmentation workshops, the feedback from staff has been very positive. Thank you.”

Judith Scott, PR and Marketing Executive, Freedom Leisure