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Love2 logo Girls and women in London are on average 10% less likely than men to take part in sport and physical activity and although this gap narrows slightly as participation rates increase, there is still significant inequality across the majority of South London*.

PRO-ACTIVE South London (P-ASL) are dedicated to raising awareness of this inequality and therefore encouraged all types of organizations with the ability to deliver sport and physical activity to women and girls to take part in the LOVE2 Programme.

From 8th February to 14th February 2010 PRO-ACTIVE South London facilitated a women and girls sports and physical activity festival across South London branded LOVE2.

PRO-ACTIVE South London offered up to £500 of funding to deliverers of sport to hold an event aimed at women and girls during the LOVE2 week. These events were not just a ‘one off’ event but were a ‘taster’ linked to local, regular ongoing activities promoted to participants during this festival. This funding was provided from Playsport London via their Winter Programme.

The activities were based on at least one of the following themes:

  • Have a go- These activities were aimed at women and girls who currently do not take part in any sport or physical activity and for whatever reason have never really participated in sport or physical activity. These sessions provided this group with the opportunity to get involved and ‘have a go’.
  • Something different- These sessions were aimed at women and girls who may currently be taking part in some activity but want to try ‘something different’.
  • Play again- These activities were aimed at girls and women who have previously taken part in a particular sport or activity whether it be at school, college, club or otherwise. The purpose of these sessions was to reignite the old flame and get them participating again.

LOVE2 was held for the first time in 2009 with 34 projects with a total attendance of 828 participants including 50 disabled participants and with 44% of participants aged between 11 and 15 years. Over half the participants were from non-white ethnic groups including 28% from a black or mixed race background.

In 2010, there were 24 projects from a range of providers including some commercial providers, school sports partnerships, local clubs, the YMCA and from the Education Sector.

A detailed monitoring and evaluation report is currently being prepared for submission to the funder Playsport London (part of the London Development Agency) and this will include data on attendances as well as some case studies.

Some examples of projects undertaken in 2010 are described below:-

Sutton Utd FC

The Club are as part of a wider development plan introducing women and girls football into the programme working with the Surrey FA seeking Charter Status. As part of LOVE2, the Club ran a women and girls football festival, being launched at one of their Ryman League games, attended by Fay White, the England Women’s captain.

The Club is also working closely with LB Sutton on improving leisure provision in the Borough, including taking responsibility for an adjacent playing field and providing increased levels of maintenance.

Streatham Storm

Streatham Storm, a National League Ice Hockey team, held a Come and Try it event both at Streatham Ice Rink and at a local community centre to learn the basics of the sport. The sessions attracted 15 attendees and as a result 5 of those have attended further beginners sessions at the Club.

Croydon Judo Club

Croydon Judo Club worked with the London Development Manager of the British Judo Association to organize and manage the course, held at its own centre in Central Croydon. The course was held as an introduction to Judo and attracted higher numbers than expected. The Club also linked with a local girl’s school to introduce attendees to a sport that they have never tried before.

The British Judo Association is considering using LOVE2 as a framework for development work with women and girls in other areas.

Sutton Churches LTC

The Club held a LOVE2 Ladies Morning Coaching Course over a week with 12 attendees including 8 who were 50+, 2 of whom have since joined the Club.

Jean, one of the attendees who has now joined the Club, has played tennis before was not intending to join but just to attend the course. The course leader reports that Jean has the makings of a good player.

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