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I ran a marketing workshop for Bucks Sport last week to support them with their Reactivate Bucks programme. I don’t know if you know about Reactivate Bucks, but it’s really excellent. It helps connect people with one of a wide variety of entry-level courses for sport and activity. Then on top of the general promotion throughout the year they also run ‘Give it a Go’ weeks a few times a year where they have a specific marketing push.

I knew Chris Gregory at Bucks Sport from his days at Leisure Connection, so he got in touch with me to run this marketing workshop. Chris asked me to cover a few topics in the workshop as a taster for the group:

I pulled those different elements together from our existing workshops and edited them down to the most important elements from each to fit them into a 1-hour workshop.

The workshop went well, with huge amounts of discussion on some of the points. I got some great ideas back from people in the workshop as well as hopefully them getting some good ones from me. Our average feedback rating from everyone who attended was 9.1 out of 10.

“Make Sport Fun worked with us to strengthen and support the marketing strategy we have developed for the Reactivate Bucks programme. By making our partners aware of the Make Sport Fun tools and how they aligned with the Reactivate campaign we have been able to demonstrate its value to our partners. The practice examples they have collated from projects across the country bring the ideas to life and will enable our partners to better market Sport and Physical Activity programmes to the residents of Buckinghamshire.”

 Chris Gregory, Physical Activity Manager, Bucks Sport