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GGA Final logo - 200x200Here’s the headline stats from a Google Ads campaign we ran for Greenwich Council as part of the Greenwich Get Active campaign.

  • Impressions – 850,000
  • Click through Rate – 1.08%
  • Clicks – 9,172
  • Average cost per click – £0.22
  • Total budget – £1,978.54

So that drove 9,172 people to the Greenwich Get Active website. Once on the website people could search for an activity, and about 500 people registered for a voucher to try their activity free.

So that works out as about £4/ person registered. And as part of that we’d ask them to give us their email and phone number. So the Greenwich Get Active advisors were then able to contact all of them and from our experience running these kind of programmes 70% of people who register will try an activity and 80% of them will stick with it for at least 3 months.

Facebook Ad webinar

If you’re interested in learning more about how to use Facebook Ads to engage inactive people from hard-to-reach groups then you can sign up for our free webinar. In it we’ll cover these steps in more detail and give you a step-by-step guide to setting your ads up.