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Engage inactive people

An effective marketing campaign will engage inactive people in your activities. Learn how our services can help you to run one in your area.

Are you frustrated with reaching inactive people?

Hard to engage inactive people

You end up reaching active people and they take part more, rather than the inactive people you really want to reach.

Hard to get people to turn up

People say they want to get active, but then when you put the activities on they don’t turn up.

You're not a marketing expert

Sports development teams are expected to reach inactive people, but your background is in sports development not marketing.

Get us to run a campaign for you. We’ll engage your audience. Guaranteed.

Our campaigns engage people in the activities you’re running. They’re proven, effective and reliable. We can normally fill an activity session within a couple of weeks of the campaign starting.

Learn how to engage inactive people yourself with one of our workshops.

Get a 1-day workshop covering how to engage inactive people in sport and activity. £990 + VAT.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Make Sport Fun have done a fantastic job. I don’t know anyone else who could have done it. John is the person I go to when I want a problem solved.

“In comparison to other leaders in physical activity social marketing they are the only one who has impressed me. They have delivered beyond expectation, on time and to budget – overcoming difficult obstacles that have been thrown their way.”

Jo Foster

Physical Activity Programme Lead, Macmillan Cancer Support

“John’s experience and knowledge impressed us. The project was very different to anything we have ever done locally before and after meeting with him, we thought its time to get innovative.

“As a public sector body with tight budgets we are under pressure to demonstrate outcomes and value for money so we have to try new approaches to get the best results.

“I think Make Sport Fun have demonstrated that we can do things differently and be a bit more ‘scientific’ about how we achieve our aims. The campaign is very exciting and effective.”

Elaine Thomas

Health and Wellbeing Lead, Chichester Council

Facebook Ad webinar

If you’re interested in learning more about how to use Facebook Ads to engage inactive people from hard-to-reach groups then you can sign up for our free webinar. In it we’ll cover these steps in more detail and give you a step-by-step guide to setting your ads up.