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213 over 55s interested in health walks across Hounslow

Back in summer last year (2017), we ran the Active 10 campaign on behalf of One You Hounslow to tackle inactivity in the borough. It encouraged people to sign up to the campaign, so they could receive more information about local walking opportunities – active travel,...

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The Decline of Organic Facebook Reach or Facebook Zero

Are you active on Facebook? Have you ever used Facebook ads to promote your activities? If you are trying to engage people into sports and activity, I’m almost sure you at least have a Facebook page.   It used to be that you could post on your page and people who like...

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SMS: Almost dead or alive and kicking?

Remember text messages? SMS? That old-school way of texting people before the i-message, Facebook and Whatsapp? Don’t worry, most other people have forgotten all about them too! Did you know that 98% of all text messages are read and, although most people don’t like...

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